The Earth Story Trail

Welcome to the Earth Story Trail

Cornwall Sea to Stars has created a walking trail that aims to give a dynamic perspective on the long timescale of Earth’s history.

Planet Earth is about 4,600 million years old.

As you walk along the Earth Story Trail, you will travel through time from the formation of Earth to the present day. There’s a lot to cover, so the trail has two sections:

  • ‘Sprint start’: For the first 4,000+million years, each metre (about two large steps) will take you through 20 million years.
  • ‘Slow motion recap’: For the last 541 million years, each metre will take you through 10 million years.

At each sign along the way, you can find out the following things about the geological era you’ve reached:

Key Events

What are the main things that are happening during this time period?

Facts, Debates & Trivia

  • How did the time period get its name?
  • What are the main mysteries scientists are still trying to find out?
  • What’s happening elsewhere in the Solar System?
  • Fun factoids.


  • Is it hot or cold?
  • Dry or humid?
  • Hostile or safe for life to evolve?
  • What doe Earth look like?


How long is this time period?

Is it on the ’Sprint start’ or ‘Slow motion recap’ part of the trail?

1 metre = 
20 million years
1 metre = 
10 million years

Where have you reached on the trail?