Earth Story Trail Credits

The Earth Story Trail has been developed by ‘Cornwall Sea to Stars, a not-for-profit limited company that brings the wonders of astronomy and geophysics to curious minds in and around Cornwall.  The layout of the Trail on Willow Field is with kind permission from Truro High School for Girls.

Cornwall Sea to Stars has been supported by RAS200: Sky and Earth, an Outreach and Engagement Fund established by the Royal Astronomical Society to celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2020 by engaging with diverse sections of the community. Cornwall Sea to Stars was awarded a grant of £35,000 by the Royal Astronomical Society as part of the RAS200 Sky & Earth project.


Content: Clint O’Connor, Anita Heward

Fact Checking: Prof Roberto Barbieri and Prof Barbara Cavalazzi

Illustrations: Vix Southgate

Design: Parc Signs Ltd.