Mars Resources

Here are some other resources for learning about Mars, which can also be linked to the Mars Atlas:

The Europlanet Mars Collection

Europlanet has produced a set of seven school resources exploring the possibilities of life on the Red Planet. n study these conditions via planetary field analogue sites here on Earth. The project covers a range of topics, from geoscience and volcanoes, to pH, mineral deposition, as well as a brief history of Mars. You can link these lessons to the Mars Atlas by looking at some of the areas discussed, including the volcanic Tharsis region (MC-09) in ‘Volcanoes on Mars‘ and the polar caps (MC-01 and MC-30) in ‘Martian Chemistry‘.

Roving with Rosalind

Roving with Rosalind is an education and outreach project which presents Mars mission based classroom activities for primary and secondary schools as well as activity groups. This collection of resources is funded by the UK Space Agency, and give pupils the opportunity to complete activities such as deciding on a launch plan and designing a Mars Rover to identifying samples the rover has detected.

Make a Mars Paper Helicopter (NASA)

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover landed in February 2021, carrying ‘Ingenuity’, the first helicopter to fly on Mars. In this project, students will build a paper helicopter. Then, just as NASA engineers had to try out different versions of the Mars helicopter before coming up with a final design, students will experiment with the design of their helicopters to see what works best. You can link this to the Mars Atlas by finding an area on Mars that you would like to explore with your helicopter, which might be inaccessible to rovers or future human explorers.