The November Night Sky

Launcher One

After months of waiting it seems that Cosmic Girl will hurtle down the Newquay runway this month and be the first rocket to launch into orbit ever from the UK. If all goes well we will no longer be the only country to have launched a single satellite


Standing on the old Saturn V launch pad actually back in its shed at the time ofwriting is a bright shiny new launch system – Artemis. Now awaiting the latest launch window some time this month.

Solar System. The Sun, Moon and Earth.

Of course the earlier darker nights will mean that younger astronomers will be able to
appreciate the wonders of the winter nigh sky. Make the most of it.

The Moon

  • First Quarter 1st
  • Full Moon 8th
  • Last Quarter 16th
  • New Moon 23rd
  • First Quarter 30th

The Full Moon in November is known as the Beaver Moon in the US and UK.

The Planets

The naked eye planets are now to be seen before midnight, Mars rises in Taurus and doubles its brightness though the month, Jupiter is the brightest of them all and is above the horizon most of the month Saturn is ahead of Jupiter and much fainter can be found in Capricornus. It is a good month to find Uranus it is now in Aries and it at opposition on the 9th November.

Meteor Shower

18th November – Leonids 24 per hour.

At the turn of the century the Leonids were were a really big event as the Earth went through dense clouds of dust left behind by comet Temple–Tuttle. I got to see part of it once till the clouds rolled in.

Sky at Night

The programme covers “Do Multiverses exist”. Times:

  • BBC Four: 14th Nov @ 10.00pm
  • Repeated on BBC Four 16th Nov @ (tbc)
  • (tbc)Then on iPlayer. Check at night for the latest updates.

Roseland Observatory is on line and also on
Brian Sheen runs the Roseland Observatory which is based in Truro High
School for Girls.