UK Outline

Tucked inside your Mars Atlas, you should find an outline of the UK on a transparent sheet at the same scale as the Mars Quadrangles.

Page 82 of the Atlas suggests the following activities that you can do with your country outline:

  • Describe the geography of the area within the outlines.
  • Finde the right place and direction to paint a landscape to be exhibited in the first Museum of Martian Arts. What will be the most popular landscapes to be painted (or photographed)?
  • Draw a road network within the outlines. Craters and mountains should be avoided, if possible. If not, make serpentines.
  • Write a narrative or free-verse poem of the majestice landscape (don’t forget sunsets or the dreadful dust storms).
  • Where would tourists go on Mars? Where are the most spectacular spots?
  • Where would you build your private house on Mars?
  • If water were to flow once again in the valleys, which would be the most sensitive places for floods or ponding water? You should not build anything in those places if you plan to terraform the planet.
  • Use the climate and cloud maps, diagrams and the calendar to describe the region’s climate, expected temperatures and clouds in a given day.

Activity ideas courtesy of Henrik Hargitai.